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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a home inspector. How can sewer line inspections complement other inspection work I do?
Sewer line inspections require specific training, expertise, and experience to perform, and the equipment is expensive. Working with a sewer line inspection specialist can enable you to offer this important service to customers, without the investment of time, money, and an overbooked schedule.
I’m a real estate agent. Why should I recommend a sewer line inspection to my clients?
A sewer line inspection, regardless of the findings, demonstrates that you have your client’s best interests at heart and offers them peace of mind. Because Sewer View doesn’t perform the repairs, we have no financial interest in finding problems in a sewer line. You can trust that a Sewer View report is completely unbiased and reflects our technician’s expert opinion. Any issue we highlight is one you’ll be glad you alerted a client to. New build or old home, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!
Why should a homebuyer request a sewer line inspection before closing on a home?
Time. Money. Peace of mind. No one wants to close on their dream home only to have their kitchen and bath drains back up within weeks or months of taking ownership. And no new homeowner wants to be on the hook for the cost of repairs, which average more than $7,500 in the Denver area and can exceed $25,000 in some cases. A sewer line inspection provides vital information about the health of your sewer line so you can sleep easy!
How does Sewer View access the sewer main?
After arriving at the property and completing introductions, the Sewer View technician will walk around the location to identify any outside cleanouts. If no cleanouts are available, the technician will look for sewer main access that is available from inside the property. Sewer main access may be in a basement or crawlspace cleanout. It may be a floor drain, roof vent or a toilet which we may need to be temporarily removed to gain access.
Does Sewer View charge extra for difficult access?
Never! We charge a flat rate, period. Some companies surprise customers by charging an extra $250 to temporarily remove a toilet to access a sewer line. We always charge the flat rate we quoted, regardless of how difficult the sewer main is to access.
What happens next if the inspection reveals a problem with the sewer line?
First, the line is located at no additional charge! Then it's the home buyer’s decision. Sewer View can recommend reputable companies to perform cleaning or repairs. In most cases, the homebuyer will obtain quotes and negotiate an amenable solution with the seller.
Why doesn’t Sewer View handle the maintenance or repairs?
We believe it’s in the best interest of homebuyers to retain an unbiased provider for a sewer line inspection. Sewer View doesn’t perform repairs or maintenance so we have no financial interest in recommending unnecessary service. And we don’t get ‘kickbacks’ for suggesting local providers of good reputation for our clients. This independence is essential in delivering accurate, reliable reports our customers can trust. We recognize that many providers in the market use sewer line inspections as a means to drive business for their plumbing shop. Some even offer deep discounts on inspections and ‘earn back’ the money by recommending unneeded services. We simply don’t agree with this approach.
Is a sewer line inspection only for older homes?
No. Problems with sewer lines arise frequently with newer homes and even brand new builds. During construction, for example, materials such as screws, plaster, paint, and pea gravel sometimes find their way into the sewer line, causing blockages. Heavy equipment can pinch a line and landscaping activities sometimes cause problems. New build or old home, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!
Why is a sewer line inspection so important in the Denver area?
Colorado homes are affected by shifting soils and the annual heat/thaw cycle. Our geology isn’t as stable as that of other places, making sewer line failures more common and inspections more important to homebuyers.
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