Call or Text: 720-201-3774

Call or Text: 720-201-3774

Sewer Line Inspection

A fast, convenient process gives you peace of mind.

1) Video Inspection

A state-of-the-art, self-leveling color camera with transmitter is inserted by cable into the sewer line and a visual inspection is performed, up to 325 feet to the city connection. The process takes approximately 45 minutes.

2) The Report

Within hours of inspection, Sewer View submits a sewer line health assessment.
Our report includes a video link with still images of any problem areas, a
diagnostic explanation and expert recommendations, if cleaning or repairs are

3) Expert Follow Up

Technicians are available to discuss the diagnosis with our customer, their real estate agent, or home inspector. We can also supply a list of reputable cleaning and/or repair service providers in the area.

We Offer Unbiased Advice

Not all issues require repair.
Trust Sewer View to know the difference!

What we look for

Common Issues

Breaks or cracks in the line
Low spots where waste is not draining
Blockage by foreign object
Offsets where pipes do not align
Excessive tree roots impeding the flow of the line
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